About Us

NoEgoPH Event Production aims to diversify the music scene in the Philippines and create an energetic community for heavy bass, hardstyle, and dubstep lovers inside and outside Metro Manila.

The team of NoEgoPH is composed of talented and passionate individuals who are driven to provide and inspire young people through their skills and enthusiasm for music whether what subgenre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) they are in to.

NoEgoPH is responsible for the Anarchy and Genesis events scattered throughout the country that led to many necks sore from headbanging all night long. There will be more.


Defying and re-creating the norm one event at a time.



To diversify and expand the local music scene by incorporating format free events with fresh undiscovered local talents who will have their own platform that is stigma free and is world class with the drive to materialize quality work without the need to put it out in the open.